The 14th Annual Diversity Leadership Conference

Sam Houston State University

February 23 & 24, 2018


Diversity Leadership Conference Workshop Proposals

Workshop Proposal Forms

The Diversity Council is excited to introduce workshop tracks to this year's Diversity Leadership Conference! Conference participants have the option of attending the Diversity Leadership Conference workshops based upon which track aligns with their interests. The four (4) tracks at this year's Diversity Leadership Conference are:

Social Justice & Activism

This track is designed to deepen your understanding of social justice issues. This is your chance to connect with other students, staff, and faculty on challenging ideas that are prevalent in today's society. Student & Campus activism has also risen as a result of the increasing awareness in social justice issues. Workshops that address activism also fall within this track.

Identity & Personal Development

This track is designed for conference attendees to explore their own identity & others that exist. Workshops that fall under this conference track educate attendees on the various forms of identities, specifically highlighting marginalized communities. There is also a chance for attendees to learn more about intersectional identity in workshops within this track.

Leadership Development

This track is designed for conference attendees that are interested in brushing up on skills that are necessary to be an effective leader in today's global society.

Advisor/Graduate Student

This track is designed but not limited for conference attendees that are graduate students, student organization advisors, staff and faculty. Workshops within this track address the issues that campus administrators/faculty may face in their institution.

Diversity Leadership Conference Poster Sessions

More information regarding poster sessions at the Diversity Leadership Conference will be available at a later time.