Diversity Council


In 2005, the then named Office of Multicultural and International Student Services, housed under the Department of Student Activities, created the Diversity Council. The Diversity Council was primarily created to plan and implement the Diversity Leadership Conference but as of 2015, has been responsible for more programs throughout the academic year, including the Heritage/History Month Celebrations and Chat & Chew's. The Diversity Council housed under the Center for Diversity & Intercultural Affairs is made up of eight (8) students and an advisor that all work to educate the Sam Houston State University community on diversity through its programming. 


The mission of the Diversity Council is to create a positive, educational and inclusive experience for all constituents at Sam Houston State University. Through programs and the annual Diversity Leadership Conference, the Diversity council strives to educate the Bearkat community so that they may be global citizens upon graduation.

Diversity Council Board of Directors

Karla Victor

Karla Victor, Co-Executive Director

Major: Communication Studies

Hometown: Missouri City, Texas

Fun Fact: I was born in a house and not a hospital.

Angelique Price

Angelique Price, Co-Executive Director

Major: Political Science/ Mass Communication

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Fun Fact: I won a scholarship pageant at Sam Houston.

“Diversity is the celebration of difference in all essence of life.” – Angelique

Des'Marae Whitfield

Des’Marae Whitfield, Coordinator

Major: Health Care

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Fun Fact: I love rollercoasters.

“Diversity to me means the understanding and acceptance of qualities that make someone unique.” – Des’Marae



Andre Mattox, Marketing

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Spring, Texas

Fun Fact: I do photography.

 “Diversity means that people with difficult backgrounds accept and embrace one another and gain knowledge of each other’s differences and culture.” – Andre


Meioshia Omesiete , Programming Chair

Major: Psychology

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Fun fact: I like writing.

Akua Adu-Wusu

Akua Adu-Wusu, Secretary

Major: Public Health

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Fun Fact: I participated in a pageant in 2016.

 “The blending and acceptance of different cultures, racial, and social groups.” – Akua


Julia Pervakova, Outreach

Major: Finance

Hometown: Coldspring, Texas

Fun Fact: My favorite food is crawfish.

“Being diverse means you accept and include others as they are, no matter how different they might be from you.” –Julia


Le’Quinton Washington, Treasurer

Major: General Business

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Fun Fact: I played basketball at a community college.

 “Diversity means difference cultures and backgrounds.” – Le’Quinton