Standing Committees

The standing committees of the Staff Council shall accept business items assigned to the committee by the Executive Board and address the item(s) in a responsible and timely manner and establish subcommittees to study specific issues, make recommendations, and refer items as necessary. Standing committees have the authority to request of the Executive Board the appointment of an ad hoc committee for special business under their jurisdiction. Under no circumstances shall information be disseminated from a committee which has not been authorized by a majority of the Executive Board or adopted by majority vote of the Staff Council.  Each committee shall evaluate and make recommendations and periodic reports to the Staff Council and/or Executive Board as needed; and each committee chair is responsible for marketing their committee's efforts within the overall guidelines of the Staff Council.

Campus Issues

The Campus Issues Committee shall (1) address issues regarding administrative policy and procedures, staff evaluations, staff recognition and awards, and any other topic deemed appropriate, and (2) review specific staff suggestions and/or concerns and make recommendations for improving and preserving the University environment which may include such areas as health, safety, security, environmental issues and physical enhancements to encourage and cultivate interest in "Keeping SHSU Beautiful."  Specifically, (3) in even-numbered years, the Committee shall review the Staff Council by-laws and make recommendations for any updates or changes; and, (4) in odd-numbered years, the Committee shall take up a major cause for education or review.   Issues may be determined or assigned by the University President, Staff Council Executive Board, and/or the Staff Council as a whole.

News & Networking

The News & Networking Committee shall serve to publicize the Staff Council and its activities by (1) developing and recommending internal and external communications strategies for Staff Council; (2) maintaining and otherwise regularly posting to or updating the Staff Council Facebook page, Staff Council website; and (3) assisting in evaluating for accuracy and routing and submitting any mass mail requests per the prescribed manner.  

Nominations & Elections

The Nominations and Election Committee shall serve to (1) lead the Staff Council in all aspects of the nominations and conduct all aspects of the elections process as outlined in the Staff Council by-laws, and (2) incorporate recruitment efforts into the Staff Council’s other activities and events. 

Special Events

The Special Events Committee shall serve (1) to promote the Staff Council to the University community; (2) to foster staff pride; (3) to plan and coordinate activities at which staff can network with other staff and their Staff Council representatives and learn about Staff Council activities and service opportunities; and (4) generally promote the Staff Council as opportunities arise.

Spotlight on Staff

The Spotlight on Staff Committee shall serve to lead the Staff Council in all aspects of awarding the Spotlight on Staff award.  The Spotlight on Staff is not intended to take away from the Staff Excellence Award but is rather a recognition given to a randomly selected staff member on behalf of the Staff Council (1) to bring awareness to staff regarding Staff Council, and (2) to meet staff members in areas across campus to spotlight them and their work, specifically through a Today@Sam website posting including a short bio and photo of the recipient.  Staff Council members are ineligible for Spotlight on Staff.

Staff Development

The Staff Development Committee shall review, recommend, and provide ways for staff to benefit from training programs that address such issues as career and professional development, University course enrollment, continuing education, mentor/protégé programs, diversity training, skills development, health awareness, and recreational opportunities in accordance with established University policy.  The Committee shall also establish a separate Professional Development Committee (subcommittee) to conduct the annual Professional Development Conference.