Officers of Staff Council will make up the Executive Board and shall be elected by Staff Council. The 2013-14 officers of the Staff Council are as follows:


  • The Chair shall:  be present at all meetings of Staff Council; conduct Staff Council meetings; ensure that projects undertaken by Staff Council are developed, organized, and implemented in an orderly and timely manner; involve the Chair-Elect in all decisions; fulfill other responsibilities and duties as required; and decide any tie vote.
  • The Chair-Elect shall:  assume the position and duties of Chair at the end of the Chair's term or at such time as the Chair's seat is vacated; become thoroughly knowledgeable of all Chair decisions to provide a smooth transition and continuity of duties; conduct Staff Council meetings in the absence of the Chair; be authorized to sign all documents for Staff Council in the absence of the Chair; assume other duties as directed by Staff Council; become Acting-Chair during extended, but not permanent, absence(s) (i.e. vacation, illness, etc.) of the Chair; and assist the Chair with duties as needed.
  • The Secretary shall:   give notice of all meetings; prepare and maintain a file of official minutes for all meetings of Staff Council, the minutes shall be kept in a book and will be summarized after each meeting for electronic publication; post the minutes of the previous meeting on Staff Council website and with all staff departments and make corrections as needed; help with all correspondence as directed by Staff Council within the timeframe specified; keep and archive the history of the formation and all members and actions of Staff Council; and conduct Staff Council meetings during the absence of the Chair and Chair-Elect.
  • The Treasurer shall:   be responsible for all financial aspects of the Staff Council functions, including making any deposits to Staff Council accounts, processing purchase requisitions and purchase vouchers according to University policy and regulations; maintain an accurate account of all receipts and expenditures; verify accounting summary/detail reports from University Office of the Controller records for Staff Council accounts; reconcile such account records at least monthly; report on these activities at each Staff Council meeting; and submit an annual written report to the Executive Committee.