UPDATE 6/18/2013 :

For an awesome read regarding our most recent meeting and symposium, here is a link to an article featuring one of Sam Houston's own, Kristy Vienne. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mary-johnson/new-texas-collegiate-fina_b_3453457.html



TACFEP was formed in 2013 to provide financial education professionals throughout higher education in Texas with a statewide association and network. It is important that we, as higher education professionals, keep up-to-date on the latest issues, trends and resources available in order to work most effectively with students on issues concerning personal financial management.

TACFEP Meeting & Symposium
Who should attend?

Educators, coordinators, directors, counselors, faculty, and other program staff engaged in creating or providing personal finance education to college students — from public, private, professional, for-profit, 4-year, and 2-year institutions.

Why YOU should attend...

So you can interact with and learn from colleagues engaged in empowering students through financial education. During the 2-day meeting and symposium, colleagues in their fields of expertise will discuss the current major issues and trends confronting financial education professionals and students. There will also be time for you to meet and network with peers from a variety of campuses.

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