Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the costs for Student Money Management Center programs and services?

All of the materials and services the SMMC offers are FREE to SHSU students. Our office is funded through a dedicated fee that students pay each semester, which allows the SMMC to offer its programs, services, and consultations at no cost to our enrolled students.

What is the SMMC policy on confidentiality?

The SMMC is dedicated to upholding the students’ right to confidentiality. The issue of confidentiality is especially important in the personal consultations where personal financial information is discussed. None of the information provided to the SMMC staff will ever be shared with any other member of SHSU or outside community unless expressed permission is granted by the student. We encourage students to become more comfortable speaking about their financial health, and confidentiality creates a safe and comfortable environment for students.

What services are offered?

Two main areas of service are offered: educational workshops and personal consultations.

The educational workshops cover a variety of financial issues affecting college students of any age and life situation. The workshops are targeted to particular topics, allowing the SMMC staff and their campus partners to disseminate information to larger groups and to begin a dialogue about critical money management and life issues.

The personal consultations are confidential sessions between students and certified SMMC staff. A consultation targets specific needs and creates a personalized action plan for financial success. Students can discuss their financial issues in a non-judgmental environment, get all of their questions answered, develop a working budget and action plan, and see an analysis of their financial situation and the outcomes of the action plan.

Why is the SMMC needed at SHSU?

Studies all over the country have shown that college students are coming into school with high debt levels and then increasing their debts even more throughout their education—not including student loans! With this information and the growing awareness of the need for financial literacy, the Division of Student Services has created the SMMC.


What if I am in a relationship? Can you meet with my significant other?

The SMMC staff encourages students sharing financial responsibilities with anyone in their lives to bring them to the personal consultation session. This can be roommates, partners, spouses, or any relevant person to the session. Many friendships and relationships have been negatively impacted by the lack of shared financial values, habits, and communication. The SMMC promotes proactive communication, understanding, and adaptation in relationships where financial matters matter.

Will you help me throughout my college career?

The SMMC is committed to partnering with students from the moment they begin their college experience to graduation and beyond. We have many different programs tailored to the varying experiences and needs of students throughout their college careers. The needs of both traditional and non-traditional students are important, and the SMMC will tailor its programs and consultations to these diverse situations.

Can you give me investment advice?

The SMMC does not give investment advice to students. Since our primary focus is to improve the financial literacy of the SHSU community, we will target our efforts to money management and not financial planning. We do have materials explaining several investment and retirement concepts for students to educate themselves, but actual advice is beyond the scope of this office’s mission.

When is the SMMC available to help me?

The Center is open between 8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday at the main campus, and the Peer Coaching Walk-in hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am-11:00am and 2:00pm-4:00pm. Arrangements can be made for students who attend classes at The Woodlands Center.