Residence Hall Staff

Hall Directors & Resident Advisors

Residence Hall Directors

RHDs have responsibility for a cluster of buildings on campus. Each RHD is a full time staff member with previous experience in Student Affairs. All RHDs live on campus and report to an Assistant Director. Residents are encouraged to make the effort to get to know their RHD, and to utilize his/her ability to be an advisor, a counselor or just a friend.

Aside from counseling residents, RHDs have responsibility for supervising a staff team of Resident Advisors and for all of the paperwork related to running a residence hall. This includes keeping track of room assignments and changes, check-in and check-out information, renewals and maintenance. RHDs are also responsible for enforcing policies and laws, just as RAs. They are trained to serve as information sources and can usually help students find answers to questions about academics, the administration, etc.

Picture of Vanessa Clemens

Vanessa Clemens

Residence Hall Director

(Sam Houston Village)

Pciture of Corbin Franklin

Corbin Franklin

Residence Hall Director

(Jackson-Shaver & 4 West)

Picture of Rhylie Gachot

Rhylie Gachot

Residence Hall Director

(Raven Village)

Picture of Natosha Hubbard

Natosha Hubbard

Residence Hall Director

(The Hill)

Picture of Marcus Jamison

Marcus Jamison

Residence Hall Director

(White Hall & The Valley)

Picture of Heather Renee Gooch

Heather-Reneé Gooch

Residence Hall Director

(Estill Hall)

Picture of Dylan McFarland

Dylan McFarland

Residence Hall Director

(Piney Woods Hall)

Picture of Tayren Mongolini

Tayren Mongolini-Thomas

Residence Hall Director

(Lone Star Hall)

Picture of Joe Ybarra

Joe Ybarra

Residence Hall Director

(Belvin-Buchanan & Elliot Hall)

Resident Advisors

Our Department also employs Resident Advisors (1 per approximately 40 residents) who provide activities, answer questions, mediate roommate conflicts, enforce policies, or just lend an ear. These staff members are upper-class students who have been through a thorough selection process and an intensive training program.

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