Welcome Home!

We want you to feel right at home. The following Residence Life team members serve our students at the SHSU Huntsville campus:

  • Full-time Central, Support and Maintenance staff work in the Residence Life building and maintenance office, ensuring that facilities and operations function optimally.
  • Housing Ambassadors also work in the Residence Life front office and answer your phone calls and in-person inquiries regarding residency.
  • Hall Directors are full-time staff who are responsible for a cluster of buildings on campus and serve as an advisor, counselor and friend. They also enforce policies and laws and report to an Assistant Director in Central Staff.
  • Resident Advisors live and work in the residence halls and are responsible for paperwork, check-in, check-out, renewals and enforcing rules. They report to Hall Directors.
  • Also see the Department of Residence Life Organization Chart.