Returning Students (Renewal)

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RESIDENTS: It's that time of the year again! 

If you loved the convenience of staying on-campus and want to avoid the hassle of living off-campus then now is the time to let us know so that you will have a spot reserved for FALL 2018!

Click the picture below for more information on renewing your current housing contract with us!

**Please Note: The following displaced areas are not eligible for renewal**
LSH 420 – 437 (Reserved for SH Scholars)
MHH and ASH (Reserved for CJ)
PWH 456 – 471 (Reserved for ROTC)
PWH 5th floor (Reserved for Health Science, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Med, BLC, Education, and Pre-Law)
PWH 6th floor (Reserved for Honors and Ag)

For more information on Renewal for FALL 2018, contact your RA, stop by the Residence Life Office or give us a 

call at 936-294-1812.