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Weight Room Rules

1. You MUST have a towel larger than a wash cloth to use in the weight room. The towel must be with you and visible at all times.

2. No backpacks on the floors. Backpacks must be kept in lockers or cubby holes.

3. No mid-drifts may be exposed.


5. Tobacco of any kind is prohibited.

6. Vulgarity or inappropriate comments of any type are prohibited.

7. No glass containers of any kind allowed in weight room.

8. Food is not allowed in weight room.

9. Please do NOT use cell phones.

10. Please report any equipment problems to weight room staff.

11. Proper athletic attire is REQUIRED.

12. Please limit use of cardio equipment to 30 MINUTES (during peak hours).

13. Please wipe down machines, INCLUDING cardio machines, and re-rack weights when you are finished.

14. Spotters are recommended for all overhead lifts.

15. No free hanging from equipment.

16. No moving of nonadjustable benches.

17. No weights on the benches.

18. When weightlifting, user must be able to control the weight.


20. Please comply with all requests of staff. Failure to do so might result in you being asked to leave the facility.



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