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Fall 2013 Group Fitness Schedule

August 28 - December 03
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4:30pm Zumba-45 Karen MP1
5:00pm Yoga Flow 1-60 Katie D. MP2
6:15pm CycleFit Katie D. MP2
6:45pm Cardio Kick & Strength [60min] Francisco MP1
7:15pm Cardio Core-45 Pam MP2

7:00am Morning Ride [45min] Katie P. MP2
4:00pm BOSU Blast [45min] Francisco MP2
5:00pm Cardio Core [45min] Pam MP1
5:00pm CycleFit [45min] Keeley MP2
6:00pm Yoga Flow 1 [60min] Charlotte MP2
6:45pm Zumba [45min] Lizeth MP1
7:15pm Cardio Kick [45min] Katie C. MP2

3:45pm Core [30min] Pam MP1
4:00pm Yoga Foundations [45min] Katie MP2
4:30pm Zumba [45min] Karen MP1
5:30pm Cardio Kick [45min] Katie C. MP2
6:30pm Cycle & Strength [60min] Keeley MP2
6:45pm Step [45min] Mallory MP1

7:00am Sunrise Yoga [60min] Katie D. MP2
4:15pm Step [45min] Katie P. MP2
4:15pm Cardio Kick [45min] Katie C. MP2
5:15pm CycleFit [45min] Katie P. MP2
6:45pm Zumba [45min] Deon MP1

7:00am Cycle & Strength [60min] Keeley MP2


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