Entrance Policy


Entrance Policies:

  • PROHIBITED items include: bottles and cans, food and beverages, weapons, animals (except seeing eye and other working dogs), fireworks, AIR HORNS, no artificial noise makers, frisbees, bicycles, skateboards, and other roller skates, playpens, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • Re-Entry: There is no re-entry. Once you have purchased a ticket, you must reamin in the building. Once you leave the building, you must purchase another ticket to re-enter.

General Policies:

  • Aisles and Walkways: Guest may not stand in the aisles while an event is in progress. Standing in the aisles is a violation of the State Fire Codes. (Place of Assembly in the State of Texas, Article 25, Section 25.107).
  • No Smoking: No smoking is permitted in the building. Smoking areas can be found through entry on the concourse level.
  • Spectators: No spectator is allowed on the court at any time, and spectators are not permitted on playing surface or court level areas. Videotaping is permitted in sections M, N, and O only.

Coliseum Alcohol Policy

Questions please call 936-294-1740 or rca_elc@shsu.edu


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