New School, New Hobby, New Heights

Seth, Rec Sports Ambassador

     Last semester was my first semester here at SHSU so I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. In a search to fill the void I wanted to find a hobby that would both be fun and challenge me physically. I found what I was looking for in the bottom floor of the Rec Center at the Climbing Center. I walked down to what feels like a secluded and tucked away corner, completely separate from the rest of the Rec.

     The first thing to do when you walk down is to walk up to one of the workers and say “I’ve never done this before. Could you show me the ropes?” (Pun intended). All of the workers down at the wall are so nice. They will walk you through how to get geared up and what not and motivate you on your first trip up the wall. If you stay down at the wall and climb for a couple of hours your arms will be on fire. I can honestly say climbing is one of the hardest arm workouts I’ve ever done so good luck holding a pencil if you plan on studying that night.

     One of the greatest things about the wall is that you get to have fun, work out, and feel a sense of accomplishment all-in-one. Normally after a workout you will feel the gratification that you did something physical, and you will eventually get to see the fruits of those labors in your body. However, with climbing, you get to immediately see the results of the work you put in while you’re 34 feet up in the air looking out over the rest of the RSC.

     All of this to say that I think everyone should go give it a try. I think it’s totally worth the $5 to try it out or you can go to Vertical Happy Hour for free which is every other Thursday from 6-8pm. Also for free to first time climbers, Ladies' Night (a woman only climb time) is every other Wednesday from 6-8pm.


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