Just Keep Swimming

Seth, Rec Sports Ambassador, Feb. 8th

     The weight room at the RSC has been absolutely packed the past few weeks and has left people standing around at times looking for open machines or weights. When a certain part of the Rec opened up this past Monday I was excited. I went and found out that it was like a secret paradise tucked away that no one knew about. It almost pains me to reveal my little secret place, but as a good Rec Sports ambassador I must let everyone know that the pool is now open for business and ready to kick your butt!

     Swimming is amazing because you can get your cardio, and resistance training all in one while also engaging in a little fun (rhyme intended). Research shows that even just submerging yourself in water is the equivalent to light exercise. This is due to the pressure the water exerts on your body that makes your heart have to work harder just to pump. They even say that swimming a mile is the equivalent to running three! It also doesn’t hurt that you can get a nice tan and don’t end up looking like a fake-tan oompa loompa.

     I personally enjoy it because it opens the door to new hobbies such as short distance triathlons. If you have been in a 5k before, but have never done a triathlon, I encourage you to find out where and when the closest short distance triathlon will be and get to the pool. Put into use all that physical training you’ve endured, and accomplish something new.

     And remember…just keep swimming.

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