Confessions of a Noonball Veteran

Courtney, Rec Sports Ambassador, January 26-31

     I had the pleasure this week of sitting down with the Associate Director of Facilities and “noonballer” Ed Chatal. Now you're probably wondering what noonball is. Well, it is simply a group of people ranging from grad assistants to faculty and staff to alumni of Sam Houston who get together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon and play basketball.

     When noonball got started twenty-plus years ago, it was only played once a week, then moved to twice a week and is now played three times a week with a group of 40-50 different people who play every time. Chatal has been playing noon ball for about fifteen years now and says that he has continued to play for the friendships, competition and for the exercise.

     You would think that with the group of guys that play that it would be a laid back and easy game but that's not the case. "It's a tough workout and the only reason we keep score is to know when to quit," said Chatal.

     There are only two rules in the game; all baskets are worth one point and defense has to call fouls. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday new teams are picked and each team will play two games to fifteen. If time permits then they'll play a third game to eight.

     After talking with Chatal and listening to him share stories from over the years he also talked about someday one Saturday having his noon ball group get together and play a game at the Coliseum and all proceeds would go towards a local charity. "It would be a lot of fun, and it would be for a great cause," said Chatal. We can’t wait to see it!


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