Visitor Parking

Welcome to SHSU!

With less that 8,200 parking spaces on campus and overall enrollment exceeding 20,000 students, parking is in high demand.  Due to the demand and ongoing efforts to maintain and improve parking resources, there is no free parking on campus. 

Visitors and guests have the option of purchasing parking or acquire an electronic validation from their host. All parking on campus is allocated and signed for specific uses, and parking regulations are enforced 24/7. There are two primary options for visitor parking:

Garage Parking – The Sam Houston Parking Garage is located in the campus core and features a pay by plate kiosk and mobile pay option of registration and payment.

Surface Lot Parking – There are individually signed spaces in the following Zone 1 lots:  Lot 26, Lot 6, Lot 10, and Lot 15.  Zone 2 and Zone 3 lots are located in less dense areas along the campus perimeter and are open pay by space areas.  Resident parking lots currently do not provide visitor space options.

All parking fees are paid at the time that a vehicle is parked on campus.  Select and purchase the amount of time that you will be parked and purchase additional time if you stay longer than anticipated.

Sam Houston Parking Garage

Pay by Hour Spaces

Zone 2 and Zone 3 General Surface Lot Parking

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