To appeal an SHSU parking citation, go to  Appeals must be submitted within 10 calendar days of the citation issuance date to be eligible for review.  Please include any reason substantiating your request to dismiss the citation including photographs or documentation.

University parking citations may be appealed and appeals must be filed within ten (10) calendar days after the issuance of the citation.

Appellants have the capability to attach photos to their appeal substantiating their position.  A member of the Parking Office staff will respond to their request by either accepting, reducing, or denying their appeal.

If the appellant is still not satisfied, they may appeal to the Parking Appeals Panel.  The appellant can either submit the same appeal, or revise it, for panel review, within ten days of the original appeal decision, but the citation must be paid before the request for the appeal panel review.  The panel will review the circumstances and forward their decision back to Parking and Transportation, who would notify the customer.  If the appeal was denied, the citation would already be paid; if accepted, the fine would be refunded to the customer's account.

The violations "Parked in Handicap Zone" and "Altered/False Decal" may not be appealed.  If a parking fee for parking is due that balance may not be appealed.  For example, if you receive a citation for not paying a required fee to park on campus, the citation in question is not eligible for appeal

Students who fail to resolve parking citations are subject to disciplinary action.

The basis for determining the outcome of a parking citation appeal is whether or not a parking violation took place.  Invalid reasons for dismissing a citation include:

    "I was only parked there for a few minutes"
    "I didn’t realize I couldn't park there"
    “I’m not familiar on where I should park”
    “There were no signs there stating I couldn’t park there”
    "Other cars were parked there without being ticketed"
    "I parked there before without receiving a citation"
    “My four-way flashers were on”
    "I can't afford to pay this citation"

Any person receiving three (3) or more unresolved parking citations shall be considered to be in flagrant violation of the university parking regulations and their vehicle is subject to impoundment as set forth under Section I. Students’ records and transcripts may be tagged and held for failure to resolve their parking citations. Students having unresolved parking citations may be denied registration for classes the following semester, or the ability to graduate.

Disabled vehicles should be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety Services.

Citations issued to vehicles not displaying an SHSU permit will normally be assigned to the registered owner via DMV records.  However, if the registered owner is a family member of an SHSU student, faculty member, or staff member, the citation will be assigned to the SHSU student, faculty member, or staff member.