Division Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Procurement and Business Services is to assist the University to obtain the goods and services needed by its faculty, students and staff; to spend the University's money wisely so that maximum value is obtained for its limited financial resources, to maintain a central store of supplies and materials; to account for the property assets obtained by the university; and to obtain maximum value for surplus and obsolete items. Procurement and Business Services is a general services organization consisting of the separate functions of centralized purchasing, property management, receiving, and central stores. Procurement and Business Services will act in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, openness, and fairness, and will be accountable for expenditures, for goods and services. Procurement and Business Services will conduct its work in accordance with federal and state law and will perform socioeconomic programs mandated by the Texas Legislature.

It is the intention of Sam Houston State University to develop and expand a HUB Program that will assist small, minority, and woman-owned businesses to do business with the State of Texas. Employees within the University are educated on the State HUB Program through the Procurement and Business Services Department.

The University is totally supportive of Senate Bill 178, and will comply with both "the letter and the spirit" of the law. The University looks forward to the opportunities and challenges set forth in Senate Bill 178.