When a document is printed to Sam Houston Press & Copy Center’s Canon CLC 900 copier/printer, it is not actually printed out at that time. What will happen is that, with the normal Print command on a Mac or PC, you will "print" one copy of a job to the Hold Queue of the networked ColorPASS 5000 unit which controls the CLC 900. After the proper paper work is submitted to us, we will then make sure the correct stock is loaded, and print it with our software controls.

When "printing" a job to the CLC 900, please make sure that the following instructions are used:

  1. Generate proper paperwork and submit to Sam Houston Press & Copy Center.
  2. Make sure that all paper sizing is correct in *all* dialog boxes in the application.
  3. Print only one copy to the CLC 900, we will tell the machine how many copies to actually print.
  4. Call us to verify that the document was sent correctly to the ColorPASS unit.
  5. We will print one copy of your document after receiving the proper paperwork for you to approve before printing the complete number of required copies.
  6. Customers are required to pay for any reprints that are not the fault of Sam Houston Press & Copy Center and/or not due to network problems.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at


Due to reasons beyond our control, our Canon CLC 900 printer/copier is no longer available from the Chooser. You must set up a Desktop Printer for the CLC 900 in order to print to it from a Mac.

To set up a Desktop Printer for the CLC 900:

  1. You must have Apple LaserWriter 8.5.1 or later installed.
  2. Open the Chooser.
    2.1. Select AppleShare, SHSU zone, and WNTAP1 file server, and hit OK.
    2.2. Connect as either a Registered User or a Guest.
    2.3. Scroll down to the SHPress volume, and double-click (it will mount to your desktop as if it were another hard drive).
  3. Open the SHPress volume.
    3.1. Open the PPD for SHPress Color Printer folder.
    3.2. Drag the ColorPASS 700-800 v2015.802 ppd into the Printer Descriptions folder in the Extensions folder in your System Folder.
  4. Restart.
  5. Open the Desktop Printer Utility.
    5.1. Select LaserWriter 8 in the With: box.
    5.2. Select Printer (LPR) in the Create Desktop... list, and hit OK.
  6. In the PostScript Printer Description (PPD) File section, hit Change...
    6.1. Choose ColorPASS 700-800 v2015.802 in the PPD list.
    6.2. Hit Select.
  7. In the Internet Printer section, hit Change...
    7.1. Type in for the Printer Address.
    7.2. Type in hold_700-800 for the Queue.
    7.3. Hit OK.
  8. Hit Save in the File menu item, and name it SHPress_CLC900.
  9. Make an alias of it and your own desktop printer and place both aliases in the Apple Menu Items folder in your System Folder

To print to the CLC 900, temporarily make it your default printer:

  1. Scroll down to SHPress_CLC900 in the Apple Menu.
  2. In the Printing menu item, select Set Default Printer.
  3. In your application, print as usual (select ColorPASS 700-800 v2015.802 as your PPD if you are able to do so).
  4. Follow the same procedures to revert to your own Desktop Printer when done.


You must first install the CLC 900 as a printer choice on your PC:

  1. In the Start menu under Settings in the Printers folder, open Add Printer.
  2. Select Network Printer Server, hit Next.
  3. Scroll down to the THO-1-16 icon in the Shared Printers list, and double-click.
  4. Double-click on the SHPress Color Printer icon.
  5. Finish the installation, making sure that SHPress Color Printer is not default printer.

In the Print dialog box of your applications, select ColorPASS 700-800 in the printer list, and print.