Front Office

Our front office staff is here to help you with a variety of services from quick copies to price quotes to laminating.  The office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday to help you with the following services:

Price Quotes: Get prices on stationary, copies and all of your special printing jobs.

Order Processing: We can process all of your orders either in person, through campus mail, or by pick-up. We cannot accept orders through the fax machine or through email. To place an order for a print job  or copy center job you must submit an Interdepartmental order. 

Color Copies: We can do color copies from your original copy, your disk, or over the network. Prices start at $1.00 per side an 8½ x 11. An 8½ x 14 single sided page starts at $1.30 per side and an 11 x 17 starts at $1.70 per side.

Transparencies: We can make these while you wait. Color transparencies are $2.50 each and black/white transparencies are $.30 each.

Quick Copies: Get copies made from our office copier while you wait. Prices start at $.05 for an 8½ x 11 single sided copy on white paper, $.065 for an 8½ x 14 single sided copy on white paper, and $.10 for an 11 x 17 single sided copy on white paper. For one-day copies where you can pick them up at a later date, our Copy Center prices start at $.05 for an 8½ x 11 single sided copy on white paper.

Laminating: We can laminate all items up to 23" wide. The machine takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes to heat up, so please call ahead of time and then you can get your document laminated immediately. The price for laminating is $.60 per foot with a $2.00 minimum.

FAX Services: $1.75 to send 1 page; $1.00 each page thereafter. $.75 to receive a fax.


If we can help you with anything else please call Lori Proctor at 294-1856.

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