Undergraduate Research

In today's competitive job market, exploring research opportunities for undergraduate students is one of the best things that you can do to enhance your resume while in school. Many SHSU undergraduate students choose to pursue internships, assistantships, and other jobs, allowing them to build experience and career skills as they earn their college degrees. More advanced undergraduates may create their own academic research projects and seek out funding in the form of grants, scholarships, and fellowships. Some research positions and projects may allow you to earn course credit for the work that you complete.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is proud to support our students in all of their academic and professional goals, and can assist you with learning more about volunteer and internship positions, both paid and unpaid. Discover the opportunities that await you today, and get started on your career before you graduate!

If you are looking for information on undergraduate research opportunities, you can learn more by visiting the website dedicated to the Center for Enhancing Undergraduate Research Experiences and Creative Actitivies (EURECA). For a sneak peak of what this Center has to offer undergraduate students, please view the video at this link: The E.U.R.E.C.A. Center – What Will You Discover? 
If you are looking for news about undergraduate research being conducted by SHSU students, you can learn more at the Newsroom section of this website.