Center for Rural Studies

The mission of the Center for Rural Studies is to assist in the building, strengthening, and maintaining of rural Texas communities by addressing timely and salient issues relating to community and socioeconomic development in rural Texas.

The Center is comprised of an interdisciplinary faculty and staff, who serve rural Texans by providing research services, as well as educational and outreach programs, public policy analyses, and rural community-based planning services. Through the Center, fellows work to advance the state of knowledge regarding the social, demographic, economic, political, and cultural aspects of rural life in Texas and beyond.

Objectives of the Center include:

  • Transforming rural places into vigorous communities that can compete in the global economy
  • Engaging rural communities in developing long-term social and economic strategies based on their assets and values
  • Preparing the next generation of rural Texas leaders to encourage and cultivate community and economic development
  • Generating the knowledge needed to overcome the obstacles facing rural Texas communities
  • Providing data and information on rural Texas for state policy makers, local stakeholders, and the citizenry at large

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