Contract Administration

The Contract Administration section of ORSP handles the following responsibilities as pertains to initial research grant award offers and subsequent negotiations:
  • Prepares and submits additional information as required; updates other support, faculty effort, human subjects’ training, revised budget, protocol approvals, etc., with assistance from the PI, Proposal Administrator and IRB Office.
  • Coordinates a background Intellectual Property review for each proposal that is not directed to the U.S. government.
  • Reviews the proposed award document and identifies issues to be resolved, in collaboration with the PI and IRB office.
  • Consults with other SHSU offices as appropriate, such as the Vice President for Research, Vice President for Finance, Office of the General Counsel, and Technology Licensing Office as needed to resolve issues in the award document.
  • Communicates negotiation positions or status to the PI and IRB Office.
  • Prepares alternate terms and negotiates with the sponsor, bringing the PI into the negotiation as needed.
  • Negotiates the subaward contracts with SHSU's subawardees, if required, with assistance from the IRB office.

For more information about Contract Administration, please contact Robert Effinger III.