Proposal Development


The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs can assist primary investigators with all aspects of the research proposal development and submission process, including:

      • Proposal strategy
      • Identifying funding opportunities
      • Identifying collaborative opportunities (Contact Jack Hill or 936.294.3876)
      • Proposal writing & formatting
      • Budget preparation (ensuring allowable expenses and proper salaries, fringes, indirect costs, etc.)
      • Proofreading
      • Scheduling grant/contract proposal submission

If you are new to the proposal submission and routing process, or if you need a refresher on ORSP procedures, please review the Proposal Submission Walk-through. For immediate assistance with a specific aspect of your research proposal, please contact the following individuals:

For Concept Development, contact Delia Gallinaro

For Budget DevelopmentRouting, or Submission issues, contact Dee Myall.

For Compliance issues, contact Sharla Miles

Principal Investigators (PI) do not have the authority to submit contractual obligations or proposals that commit SHSU resources without ORSP approval.

PIs are also prohibited from negotiating and/or signing any sponsored award on the University’s behalf.