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Luncheon Date Change!

Have you received an external grant award in the last year and wondered why you haven’t yet received your invitation to ORSP’s Annual Award Luncheon? ...No need to worry! Rather than in mid-April, ORSP’s luncheon will now be held each year in mid-October.

Hosting the event in the fall will allow it to align with the fiscal year, making it easier to ensure that all external grant awardees are recognized!

At the luncheon in October 2016, applicants who were awarded an external grant in the last half of FY 15 and any part of FY 16 will be recognized.

Thank you for your understanding as we seek to continuously improve our processes.

We’ve Moved!

The Office of Research has moved. Come see us in our new locations!

ORSP has moved!

Dr. Jerry Cook: 4-3620,
Delia Gallinaro: 4-3760,
Peggy Ellenberger: 4-3866,

Contracts & Proposals:
Susan Hurley: 4-4862,
Maribeth Start: 4-1015,
Martha Wilson: 4-4566,
Dee Myall: 4-4032,   
Bob Effinger: 4-4993,  
Allyson Korinsky: 4-4649,
Elizabeth Thompson: 4-1755,

Research Compliance:
Sharla Miles: 4-4875,

Innovative and Collaborative Programs:
Dr. Jack Hill: 4-3876,

Technology Development:
Dan Davis: 4-2515,

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