Just a Few Numbers

In 2016, the U.S. will allocate approximately $145 billion for funding Research & Development grants. This lump sum will be divided among various federal agencies.

Half of this amount, or $72 billion, is allocated to the Department of Defense, which has its own health, energy, technology, environment, and education research programs, as well as special programs aligned with its national security mission. NIH, Department of Energy, NASA and NSF all receive most of the remaining amount, or $62 billion. The USDA, Department of Commerce, and all other federal agencies receive what is left, or $11 billion.

SHSU’s share of this grant pie is somewhat limited for R & D grants, but in FY 2015 we received approximately $5,204,499 in total awards from a pool of $33,281,325 in submissions. Next time you think about whether to pursue a grant, just think how big that pie really is!