Impaired driving

SHSU, UTD, and a private company, ETP, have developed a virtual training tool, Individual Nystagmus Simulated Training Experience (INSITE), to assist law enforcement officers in identifying impaired drivers and in making an arrest or no arrest decision. The idea to use Nystagmus evaluation to determine the level of impairment a driver is experiencing was first produced by ETP.

After the materilization of the concept to use Nystagmus evaluation, SHSU funded an effort with UTD to make the virtual device functional. Dr. Cecil Marquart, Director of Sam Houston’s Impaired Driving Initiatives program, who has contracts to train law enforcement personnel in Impaired Driving identification, has begun adopting the software into her trainings. So far, the device has been tested in two police academies.

SHSU is currently working on a royalty sharing agreement which would allow us to proceed with a patent on the technology. After securing this royalty sharing agreement and patent, SHSU would then be able to seek funding to further develop the technology by adding new characters and expanding into the detection of impairment by substances other than alcohol.