2015 Award Winners
Faculty Research Grant Recipients
PI Department Proposal Topic
An, Min Kyung Computer Science Efficient Broadcasting in Wireless Sensor Networks
Choi, Jin Sociology Migration and Healthcare of Marshallese in the US
Cox, Thomas History Warren Delano's Role in the Old China Trade
Grant, Darren Economics & International Business The Ballot Order Effect: Evidence from Texas
Lane, John School of Music The Speaking Percussionist: A New Music Commissioning Project
Leatherwood, Jessica Agricultural Sciences & Engineering Technology Non-invasive Evaluation of Equine Lean Tissue Development
Lopez, Maria Montserrat Feu Foreign Languages The Confederadas' Journalism
Neill, C. Denise School of Nursing Faculty Perceptions of Workload: Instrument Development
Vargo, Kristina Language, Literacy & Special Populations Evaluation of a Motor-Based Social Skills Program
Zinn, Kelly School of Nursing Personality Correlates of Diabetes Management among College Students
Enhanced Research Grant Recipients
PI/co-PI Department Proposal Topic
Adu-Prah, Samuel Geography & Geology Spatiotemporal and Environmental Modeling of Malaria in Ghana

Barker, Maria
Frye, Julie

Foreign Languages Language and Interaction in Bilingual Libraries
Choudhary, Madhusudan Biological Sciences Molecular Analysis of recA gene in Rhodobacter Sphaeroides
Drake, Jasmine Forensic Sciences Chemical Profiling of Street-Seized Cannabis sativa L. Samples Using GC-MS Analysis
Liu, QinzhongHyuk Cho Computer Science Novel Smartphone Authentication, Data Protection, and Source Identification
Nair, Shyam Agricultural Sciences & Engineering Technology Optimal Water Allocation: Simulating Preliminary Data with DSSAT

Scarbrough, Amanda
Brown, Steven

Health Sciences & Promotion Culturally Appropriate Interventions to Recruit URM into STEM
Shashidhar, Narasimha
Varol, Cihan
Computer Science iBaTs: Interactive Bash Shell Adaptive Tutoring System
Tasca, Melinda Criminal Justice & Criminology Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Solitary Confinement Placements
Wang, Jianzhong Mathematics & Statistics Autodidactic Iteration Schemes for Image Classification

2014 Award Winners
Faculty Enhancement Research Grants

Boisvert, Danielle 

Biological and Environmental Factors Related to Stalking

Bucheli, Sibyl       

ltra-Fine Scale Bacterial Sampling of Human Cadavers

Chen, Lei            

Attacks and Digital Forensics in Personal Computer Games

Hatanaka, Maki

Exploration Study of Expert-Citizen Hybrid Food Governance

Lucia, Jessica

Development of an Equine Non-Contact Thermography Device

Muftic, Lisa        

Identifying the Needs of Bosnian Domestic Violence Victims

Murfin, Audrey

Stevenson, Collaboration, and the Late-Victorian Author

Randle, Christopher

Parallel Evolution of Minimal Plastomes in Tropical Orobanchaceae


A Comparison of Cranial Morphology in Fossorial Reptiles Using Contrast-Enhance Micro-CT

Varol, Cihan

Extracting and Mining Web Browser Artifacts

Walker, Joel

Dynamically Determining Stable Local Minima in No-Scale Supergravity

Faculty Research Grant

Enia, Jason

Comparing the Effects of Disaster Declaration Rules

Harper, James M.

Caloric Restriction and Aging in American Cockroaches

Kim, Nam Young

The Effect of Advertisement Customization on Persuasion

Kumar, Santosh 

Children of Drought: Testing the Fetal Origin Hypothesis in India

Liang, Gan

Comprehensive Study of Li2FeSi04-based Lithium Ion Battery Materials

Neudorf, Diane

Urbanization Impacts on Songbird Alarm Calls

Prelog, Andrew

Racial Inequality and Environmental Justice: A National Assessment

Primm, Todd

Effects of Antiobiotic Therapy on the Microbiome

Ross, Ashley  

Disaster Resilience in Rural Texas

Sugihara, Masahito

Saxophone Duo: Performance of New Compositions and Transcriptions

2013 Award Winners
Enhancement Research Grant

Choi, Jin Young

“Rural Childhood Obesity: Home and School Environments”

Cook, Tamara

“Gregarines Parasitizing Zygoptera along the U.S. Gulf Coast”

Gangitano, David

“Discrimination of Pollen Sources Using Pinus STR Profiling: New Tool for Forensic Investigation”

Haines, Donovan

“Human Decomposition Volatile Measurement For Microbiological Correlation”

Harper, James

“Mitochondrial Membrane Lipids and Aging in Diverse Taxa”

Mukherjee, Falguni

“Actor Networks of GIS Construction in India”

Pinell, Javier

“Gustavo Navarre’s Surviving Works: Compilation, Performance and Recording”

Rapp, Stephen

“Cosmopolitanism and (Dis)unity in Pre-Modern Caucasia”

Seeling, Joni

“PP2A B56 regulatory subunits as tumor suppressors”

Wozniak, Jeffrey

“Investigating the role of Hydrological Connectivity in Coastal Ecosystems”

Faculty Research Grants

Chen, Lei

“Investigating Steganography and Digital Forensics in Video Games”

Donahoo, Robert

“Flannery O’Connor’s Limited Realities and Her Writing’s Evolution”

Lantz, Nick

“You, Beast: Poems”

Lim, Hayoung

“Analysis of Music Incorporated Speech-Language Rehabilitation Protocols for Aphasia Patients”

Liu, Lirong

“Information and Communication Technologies and Trade in services”

Neudorf, Diane

“Fledgling survival in urban and forested ecosystems”

Steele, Tracy

“Limits in Diplomacy: Sino-British Relations, 1950 – 1960”

Varol, Cihan

“Diagnosing Liver Cirrhosis with Communications Technology”

Walker, Joel

“Testing No-Scale F-SU(5) at the Large Hadron Collider”

Wukich, Clayton

“Texas Wildfire Response & Recovery: Networks and Performance”

2012 Award Winners
Enhancement Research Grant

Chapman, Scott

"Higher Factorization Properties of Arithmetic Congruence Monoids"

Fuller, Matthew

"The Survey of Assessment Culture"

Hargrave, Chad

"Ecosystem Effects of Fishes in a Warming Climate"

Lewis, Patrick

"Describing the Skull of Zygaspis Quadrifrons Using HRXCT"

Liu, Qinzhong

"Preserving Smartphone Privacy and Security through Undetectable Steganography"

Massingill, Ruth

"Knowledge is Power!  HIV/AIDS Perceptions and Choices"

Miller, Audrey

"Posttraumatic Growth Narratives in an Ethnically Diverse Sample"

Shashidhar, Narasimha

"Secure Patch Destribution over Peer-to-Peer Networks"

Strader, Annie

"The Trailer: Bringing Art to Underserved Populations"

Wang, Jianzhong  

"Contracting Kernel Method for Classification of Hyperspectral Images"

Faculty Research Grants

Boccaccini, Marcus

"Texas Norms for the Static-99 and Static-99R"

Garcia-Puente, Luis

"Rational Linear Precision of Toric Bézier Volumes"

Knight, Kelly

"Intergenerational Continuity of Drug Use"

Liang, Gang

"Study of Li3VS(PO4)3-based Materials for Future Lithium-ion Batteries"

Lynne, Aaron

"Sequencing a Novel Virulence Plasmid in Salmonella"

Neudorf, Diane

“Fledgling survival in urban and forested ecosystems”

Nobles, Matt

"Analysis of Historical Data on Houston-area Environmental Crimes"

Quast, Troy

"Health care Provided to Hurricane Katrina Evacuees"

Rowe, Matthew

"Molecular Coevolution between Grasshopper Mice and Bark Scorpions"

 Varol, Cihan

"Three Dimensional Modeling and Simulation of Stress Incontinence"

2011 Award Winners
Enhancement Research Grant

Demson, Michael

"Agrarian Politics and Romantic Literature"

Fang, Hui

"Nanostructured LiFePO4 Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries"

Fox, Kate

"Desistance from Crime among Gang Members"

Hill, Joseph 

"Detritral Zircon Study of the Central Appalachian Piedmont"

Konefal, Jason 

"Improving Modes of Regulation in the Food System"

Liang, Gan 

"Gold Nanoshells Coated Silica-SPIO for Photothermal Cancer Therapy"

Liu, Qingzhong 

"Hybrid Intelligent Digital Forensics Systems on Multimedia Data"

Lynne, Aaron 

"Microbial Metagenomic Analysis of Human Decomposition"

Miller, Audrey

"Personality and Perceived "Mental Defect" Relevance to Insanity"

Walker, Joel

"No Scale Flipped SU (5)"

Faculty Research Grants

Borcherding, Kate 

"Predictive System for Color in Interdisciplinary Mid-fire Ceramics"

Crane, Jeff 

"All this over Grass? The contested Powder River …"

Gu, Qiammon

"The impact of outsourcing on host economy"

Kaukonen, Scott

"Väinämöinen’s Dream (a novel)"

Lewis, Patrick

"Excavation and Analysis of the Driefontein Microfauna"

Nelson, David

"Stress and Pain in College Students"

Neudorf, Diane

“Fledgling survival in urban and forested ecosystems”

Nobles, Matt

"Biosocial stalking indicators in a college student sample"

Swim, Edward

"Coupled Mixed Finite Element Methods for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems"

Triano-Lopez, Manuel

"The lexical purification of Spanish Romani"

Ulbig, Stacey

"Media Coverage and the Electoral Impact of Vice Presidential Candidates"

2010 Award Winners
Enhancement Research Grant

Bebout, Lee

"Whiteness on the Border: Negotiating the Frontiers of Race, Identity, and Belonging"

Bucheli, Sybil

"Investigation of Calliphoridae across the 10 Ecoregions of Texas"

Chen, Lei

"Secure Routing for Real-Time Media Streaming in MANET's"

Madhusudan, Choudhary

"Role of CtrA during Cell Cycle of Rhodobactor sphaeroides"

Gerber, Hannah

"Exploring Digital Literacy Labs in a Global Society"

Lane, John

"New Music for Percussion: Commission and Educational Outreach"

Littlejohn, Jeff

"Democracy and Diversity in Walker County, Texas"

Miller, Rowland

"Assessment of Attention to Alternative Romantic Partners"

Shannon, Li-Jen

"Instructional Technology Web 2.0 Software in Educational System"

Thompson, David

"Raman Enhancing Nanoarrays for Amplifying Weak Signals"

Varol, Cihan

"Detecting Illusive Records within the Law Enforcement Database"

Yildiz, Faruk

"Building an Interactive Mini-Lab Training Unit to Promote Alternative Energy"

Faculty Research Grants

Alford, John

"Mechanistic Movement Models of Thermoregulating Ectotherms"

Cho, Hyuk

"Distributed Co-clustering Algorithm"

Choi, Jin Young

"Social Etiology of Obesity among US Immigrants"

Evans, Heather

"College Experiences and Political Engagement"

Fox, Kate

"Gang Membership and Crime Victimization"

Gaillard, Anne

"Identification of a p53-like Protein in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii"

Lim, Hayoung

"The Effects of Therapeutic Instrumental Music Performance in Physical Rehabilitation"

Lynne, Aaron

"Antimicrobial Resistance in Salmonella"

Quast, Troy

"Do HMO Profits Influence their Quality of Care?"

Randle, Christopher

"Population Genetics and Host Preference of Leafy Mistletoe"

2009 Award Winners
Enhancement Research Grant

Bonanno, Alessandro

"Social Factors affecting Survivorship in Patients with Orbital Cancer"

Choudhary, Madhusudan

"Gene duplication analysis of Rhodobacter sphaeroides’ genome"

Degenhardt, John

"Geophysical Analysis of Hite Delta, Glen Canyon, UT"

Fang, Hui

"Experiment and modeling of Hc2 for the two-band superconductor MgB2"

Garcia, Rebecca; Co-PI: Loft, Brian

"PURE Math: Pacific Undergraduate Research Experience in Mathematics"

Quast, Troy; Co-PI: Gonzales, Fidel

"Recessions and Hispanic Mortality: The Case of Mexico"

Reyes, Wanda; Co-PI: Major, Anne Marie (Pennsylvania State Univ.)

"Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Scale for Young Adults"

Enhancement Grant for Professional Development

Armstrong, Todd

"Understanding the Resting Heart Rate/Antisocial Behavior Relationship"

Cashion, Ty

"The Future of Texas Letters: A Cultural-Intellectual History"

Crimm, Caroline Castillo

"The Quakers and the Quetza: Biculturation and Ecotourism in Monteverde, Costa Rica"

Thies, Monte

"A survey of small mammals from Northwestern Botswana"

Faculty Research Grants

Bucheli, Sibyl

"Diversity of Depressariinae (Gelecjioidea; Elachistidae) in Texas"

Bustamante, Rebecca; Co-PI: Taube, Sylvia

"Examining Secondary Principal Support for English Language Learners"

Chen, Lei

"Securing Real-time Multimedia Data in MANETs"

Deaton, P. Raelynn

"Sexual conflict in coercive livebearing mosquitofishes"

Frank, Mark W.

"State-Level Income Inequality and Economic Growth"

Haines, Donovan

"Direct Cellular Biosynthesis of Biodiesel"

Liu, Lirong

"Spillover effects across environmental programs"

Miller, Audrey

"Ethnicity and Victim Blame"

Ruiz, Isabel

"International Closed-end Country Funds and U.S. Market Sentiment"

Zey, Nancy

"A Comparative Study of Schools in Antebellum Natchez"