Past Award Recipients

For fiscal year 16, ORSP received twenty-one submissions for the Enhanced Research Grant (ERG) and thirty-three for the Faculty Research Grant (FRG). The ERG awards are $15,000 each and the FRG awards are $5,000 each. After deliberation, feedback, and comments from outside reviewers, the Faculty Research Council has made its decision for awarding the Enhanced Research Grant and the Faculty Research Grant for FY16.

The ten faculty members and co-PIs who will receive the Enhanced Research Grant are:



Proposal Topic

Patrick Buzzini

Forensic Science/CJ

Discrimination of inkjet printer inks using Raman spectroscopy

Jin Young Choi


Precarious Healthcare Plight of Marshallese Poultry Processing Workers

Douglas Constance


Brandy Doleshal

Mathematics & Statistics/COS

Primitive/Seifert Twisted Torus Knots

Hannah Gerber

Language, Literacy &
Special Pop/COE

On the STEM Fringe:  Videogames and At-Risk Students

Aaron Lynne

Biological Sciences/COS

Microbiome of Bone for Determining PMI

Patrick Lewis

Biological Sciences/COS

Song, Donggil

Computer Sci/COS

Developing an Intelligent Agent for Interaction in Online Courses

Marilyn Rice

Curriculum & Instruction/COE

Nancy Stockall

Language, Literacy &
Special Pop/COE

Maternal Responsibility of Latina Caregivers and their Young Children with Developmental Delays

Corinna Cole


Alma Contreras-Vanegas


Hayley Stulmaker

Counselor Educ/COE

Investigating Child-Centered Play Therapy with Trauma Survivors

David Lawson

Counselor Educ/COE

Amanda Venta


First Data on Psychopathology in Unaccompanied Immigrant Minors

Bing Zhou

Computer Sci/COS

Robust  Sensor Data Fusion through Adaptive Threshold Learning

Hyuk Cho

Computer Sci/COS

To learn more about the research that will be conducted with ERG funds, peruse the project summaries.

The ten faculty members and co-PIs who will receive the Faculty Research Grant are:



Proposal Topic

Emily Cabaniss


Media's Racialization of Immigrants in a Color-blind Era

Chad Hargrave

Biological Sci/COS

Food web connectivity in a tropical floodplain river

 Carmen Montaña

Biological Sci/COS

Umit Karabiyik

Computer Sci/COS

Digital Forensics Tools Raking with Multi-armed Bandit Problem

Santosh Kumar

Economics/Intl Bs/COBA

Effect of Birth Weight on Cognitive Development in India

Victoria Lantz

Theatre/Musical Thtr/COFAMC

Crusoe Tourism and the Tobago Heritage Festival

Gan Liang


Cathode Materials for Next Generation Lithium-ion Batteries

Velvet Nelson


Engaging with Slavery at Sam Houston Memorial Museum

Ki Won Seo

Mass Comm/COFAMC

Meta-Analysis on Visual Persuasion

E'Loria Simon-Campbell

School of Nursing/COHS

Prep U - Effective Retention Strategy for Nursing Students

Min Jae Suh

Agr Sci/Engineering Tech/COS

Training and Education for Green Construction in Texas

To learn more about the research that will be conducted with FRG funds, peruse the project summaries.

These faculty will meet with the Office of Research Administration to sign contracts and to learn more about their grants in the next few weeks. The grants will begin June 1, 2016.

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