Past Award Recipients

For fiscal year 17, ORSP received sixteen submissions for the Enhanced Research Grant (ERG) and thirty-four for the Faculty Research Grant (FRG). The ERG awards are $15,000 each and the FRG awards are $5,000 each. After deliberation, feedback, and comments from outside reviewers, the Faculty Research Council has made its decision for awarding the Enhanced Research Grant and the Faculty Research Grant for FY17.

The faculty members and co-PIs who will receive the Enhanced Research Grant are:



Proposal Topic

Jadwiga Biskupska


Edge of Destruction: Warsaw under Nazi Occupation, 1939-1945

Tony Boutte


New American Voices: Championing the Modern Art Song

Leif French

Foreign Lang/CHSS

Minority Healthcare Access and Health Communication Anxiety

David Gangitano

Forensic Science/CJ

Influence of Regulation of Oxytocin on Social Behavior

Taylor Martin

Math & Statistics/COS

Project Calculus: Active Learning

Beth Cory

Dhitinut Ratnapradipa

Population Health/COHS

Perception of Cancer Research Among College Students

Yue Xie

Masahito Sugihara


Woodwind Duo: Recording, Recital Tour, Commissioning, and Festival

Madeleine Swortwood

Forensic Science/CJ

Quantification of Novel Psychoactive Substances in Oral Fluid

Eric Vanden Bussche


Law and State-Building in China's Southwest Borderlands

Chase Young

LL & Sp Pop/COE

Improving Reading Comprehension with Readers Theater

Donna Cox

Patricia Durham

To learn more about the research that will be conducted with ERG funds, peruse the project summaries.

The faculty members and co-PIs who will receive the Faculty Research Grant are:



Proposal Topic

Nicole Asel


Professional Recording of Robert Aldridge's Love Song

Juan Daza

Biological Sci/COS

Patterns of Morphological Diversification in Dwarf Geckos

Thomas Haase

Political Science/CHSS

Humanitarian Logistics: An Analysis of Agility in Practice

Helena Halmari


The Bilingual Correspondence of Jean and Aino Sibelius

James Harper

Biological Science/COSET

Fecal Hormone Profiles and Aging in Common Marmosets

Tze-Li Hsu


Operationalizing Source of Social Support Using Add Health

Bart J. Stykes

Jin Young Choi

Junkun Ma

Agr Sci & Eng Tech/COSET

Modeling a VAWT with Pitch and Camber Controls

Ervin Malakaj

Foreign Lang/CHSS

Anxious Telling: Fragile Literary Culture in Wilhelmine Germany

George Randall

Family & Consumer Sci/COHS

The Piney Woods Strong Marriage Study

Samar Zahrawi

Foreign Lang/CHSS

Sadallah Wannous's Contribution to Arabic Theater 1967-1978

Christopher Zall


Synthesis of Molecular Catalysts Containing Hydride Relays

To learn more about the research that will be conducted with FRG funds, peruse the project summaries.

These faculty will meet with the Office of Research Administration to sign contracts and to learn more about their grants in the next few weeks. The grants will begin June 1, 2016.

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