ORSP Staff

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Staff
Jerry Cook, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President      
Research and Sponsored Programs  
jcook@shsu.edu 936.294.3620
Delia Gallinaro, M.P.A.
Executive Director
dgallinaro@shsu.edu 936.294.3760
Dee Myall 
Cayuse Assistance; Proposal Submissions; Review & Preparation of Budgets; Routing Process & Institutional Approvals
dee@shsu.edu 936.294.4032
Jack Hill
Collaborative Opportunities
jmh050@shsu.edu 936.294.3876
Andrew Devey
Communications Specialist
andrewdevey@shsu.edu 936.294.4649
Bob Effinger III 
Contract Administration
rte003@shsu.edu 936.294.4993
Sharla Miles
CITI Coordinator; Institutional Review Board (IRB); Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)
sharla_miles@shsu.edu 936.294.4875
Peggy Ellenberger
Faculty Research Council (FRC) liaison; Internal Grants Program; TRIES Administrative Support
ellenberger@shsu.edu 936.294.3866
Dan Davis
Patents, copyrights, technical development 
dgd003@shsu.edu 936.294.1092
Christi Townley
FoundationSearch & Funding Opportunities; Grant Workshop Coordinator; PIVOT (COS) Funding Research Administrator
cwalters@shsu.edu 936.294.1708

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