Did You Know #2?

Student Orgs

5 SHSU Resources You Should Use More Often

1. Organizations  -  Engage. Involve. Connect.

SHSU has over 235 registered student organizations. With so many amazing organizations that are actively engaged on campus, it is easy to find one that is right for you. It is also easy to create a new student organization! Either way, boundless opportunity exists for students to get connected and make a difference during their time at SHSU.

Involvement in student organizations will give you the opportunity to make an impact and leave your mark at SHSU. Through the years, student leaders have learned about leadership, community service and civic engagement, as well as interpersonal skills through participation in student organizations. Student Activities is here to support and assist you in your role as a student leader. http://www.shsu.edu/dept/leadership-initiatives/student-organizations.html

2. SAM Center

The Student Advising and Mentoring Center, also known as the SAM Center, offers a wide variety of services for the students of Sam Houston State University. We offer academic advisement and enrichment services to all undergraduate and graduate students. The SAM Center is a resource dedicated to helping students adjust to academic life at Sam Houston State University. Services available include academic mentoring, aid with time management, and study skills.  http://www.shsu.edu/centers/sam-center/index.html

3. Recreational Sports

The Department of Recreational Sports and Activities offers a wide variety of recreational programming and provides facilities for students, faculty and staff.  The activities offered include intramural sports, informal recreation, club sports, wellness, special events, outdoor recreation, and aquatics.  http://www.shsu.edu/dept/recreational-sports/

4. Lowman Student Center

College is about so much more than just going to class, eating and sleeping. What you do in between all the required stuff can mean the difference between a GREAT college experience and an average one. That’s what the Lowman Student Center is all about! 

One of the greatest ways to gage the environment for your college or university is by taking a quick trip to the LSC. Students are walking to class, from class, on their way to lunch, meeting up with friends, taking a quick study break, reading the news, napping, on the phone, pretending not to look lost or looking for some air conditioning or heat, depending on the weather. You name it, it happens at LSC.  http://www.shsu.edu/dept/lowman-student-center/index.html

5. Career Services

Whether you’re a freshman just starting your academic career, a senior anticipating your fast-approaching graduation date, or an alumnus looking for a new job or career, SHSU Career Services offers a variety of programs and services to assist you!

Career Services wants to help you with your resume, mock interviews, finding summer or full-time jobs, and so much more!  Eat ‘em up Kats!  http://www.shsu.edu/dept/career-services/