Mission of the LSC

The Lowman Student Center provides welcoming facilities and services dedicated to fostering an inclusive, engaging, and innovative environment for our students and guests that enriches our community.

Core Values of the LSC

  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Customer Service
  • Development

Goals of the LSC

It is the goal of the LSC to do the following:
1. Provide high quality facilities and services in support of the university's mission. (VPSA Goal 1)
2. Encourage student participation in programs and events held in the student center. (VPSA Goal 3)

Our goals are measured each year, through a Self-Assessment. 

  • Goal 1 is measured using the in house satisfaction survey.
  • Goal 2 is measured with program data and reflected in the Performance Indicators.

FY 15 CAS Self-Assessment

FY 14 CAS Self-Assessment

FY 13 Performance Indicators

FY 12 Performance Indicators

FY 11 Performance Indicators

FY 10 Performance Indicators