About The Program

The Learning to Lead workshop series is an interactive and energetic program for students who are interested in developing personal skills and leadership knowledge that can be applied to their life and careers. Workshops are presented by staff, faculty, and students at Sam Houston State University who are interested in student leadership development and education. These interactive workshops are an hour in length, so student are easily able able to attend between classes. Students are encouraged to attend any or all of the workshops offered throughout the semester.

Here are three examples of presentations from the past:

  • Conflict Styles: How to Effectively Approach Conflict Situations

Participants will learn to identify their own conflict styles and the styles of others, and learn how to effectively manage contradictory conflict styles using the Thomas-Kilmann method of conflict styles and resolution.

  • Don’t Fall Behind: Successful Organization Officer Transition

A torch must be passed to new organization leadership and this session will guide you through the steps of officer transition.

  • Forming to Performing: Identify Stages of Group Development

Students will actively learn about the individual stages of group development and how to assess which stage their group is currently in using Tuckman and Jensen’s theory.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to attend the Learning to Lead series?

The workshops are FREE to currently enrolled SHSU students.

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