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The Leadership Library collection contains over 300 titles with topics that include collegiate leadership, professional leadership, biographies, communication, teamwork, women in leadership, and more! Students, faculty, and staff members may browse the collection and can check out books for up to three weeks. The Leadership Library exists to assist students in their academic discipline and campus involvement; aid faculty with classroom lectures; and encourage staff members seeking personal development.

Book recommendations can be sent to leadership@shsu.edu

MayFeatured Title: BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It


In her book BRAG! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It, Peggy Klaus works to remove the taboo from the word “brag” in order to market yourself to employers and capitalize on leadership positions.

Klaus says that, “when done with grace and style,” bragging can serve as an effective asset in the promotion of one’s good qualities instead of merely as an irritating character flaw. In BRAG!, Klaus tackles the myths on bragging that we all have been wired to believe and then point-by-point goes through ways to discredit these myths and begin valuing yourself in a way that is marketable to employers.

We have all been told not to “toot your own horn,” but this idea has made it nearly impossible for us to talk positively about ourselves without feeling a sense of guilt or embarrassment. Klaus argues against the idea that bragging inherently points toward egocentrism, and provides ways to avoid becoming “that person” who hijacks the conversation. Klaus’ book will help you to “put your best foot forward – while keeping it out of your mouth!”

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