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The Leadership Library collection contains over 300 titles with topics that include collegiate leadership, professional leadership, biographies, communication, teamwork, women in leadership, and more! Students, faculty, and staff members may browse the collection and can check out books for up to three weeks. The Leadership Library exists to assist students in their academic discipline and campus involvement; aid faculty with classroom lectures; and encourage staff members seeking personal development.

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March Featured Title: Creative Confidence - Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All


It is impossible to deny that creativity and innovation are keys to success, but does that mean that success is reserved for “the ‘creative types’ – those who paint, sculpt, design, or write for a living?” Tom and David Kelley would argue that human beings possess an innate creative capacity. It is not until we enter into adulthood that this creativity is discouraged in fear that it may somehow serve as a stifling agent to success. The authors of Creative Confidence say that anyone can find their way back to this innate sense of pure creativity if we are only courageous enough to reevaluate our functions in our careers in order to discover inspiration that can “make a difference in the world.”

In Creative Confidence, the Kelley brothers approach creativity as a mindset that anyone can cultivate instead of a gift that only a select few are granted. Creativity is not reserved for the artists and the writers, but exists within everyone, whether their day jobs consist of painting murals or filing taxes.

This is a book written by two very different brothers with the purpose of reaching out to “future innovators” and helping them “unleash their full confidence.” David and Tom Kelley use their book to “identify the principles and strategies that will allow us to tap into our creative potential in our work lives, and in our personal lives, and allow us to innovate in terms of how we approach and solve problems.”

Want more information on Creative Confidence? Stop by the Leadership Initiatives office and check out the book or head to the Kelley brother’s website at: http://www.creativeconfidence.com/book

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