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The Leadership Library collection contains over 300 titles with topics that include collegiate leadership, professional leadership, biographies, communication, teamwork, women in leadership, and more! Students, faculty, and staff members may browse the collection and can check out books for up to three weeks. The Leadership Library exists to assist students in their academic discipline and campus involvement; aid faculty with classroom lectures; and encourage staff members seeking personal development.

Book recommendations can be sent to leadership@shsu.edu

April Featured Title: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Emotionally Intel Leadership

The authors of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for Students write that the necessary foundation of any good leader is the ability to form meaningful relationships with the people they are leading. While “emotional intelligence” is a term that is not often thought of when considering effective leadership, these coauthors emphasize three “facets of emotionally intelligent leadership” that reflect the importance of maintaining a consciousness of not only oneself and others, but also of the context of the leadership situation. 

This book is geared toward student leaders and includes interactive and engaging reflection questions in order to provide the readers with insight regarding the facets of leadership that they need to focus on as individuals. These authors delve into what they believe to be the nineteen abilities that make up an emotionally intelligent leader. By taking a personal interest in one’s leadership setting and obtaining an awareness of the leadership areas in which growth is needed, a more effective leader is born.

If you are looking for ways to use your leadership opportunities in order to make an intentional difference, check out Emotionally Intelligent Leadership in the Leadership Initiatives’ Leadership Library today!

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