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The Leadership Library collection contains a wide variety of titles ranging from autobiographies to academic scholarship. Students, faculty, and staff members may browse the collection or check out books for a period of 3 weeks. We hope the library can assist students in their academic discipline and campus involvement, faculty with classroom lectures, and staff members seeking personal development.

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February Featured Title: Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Minds by Richard J. Light

Library Book - Feb

“Why do some undergraduates feel they are making the most of their years at college, while others are far less positive? What choices and attitudes distinguish between these two groups? What can an individual student do, and what can any college do, to improve the chances that on graduation day that students will say, ‘I really got what I came here for’?”

Richard J. Light has been a university professor for thirty years and says that he is constantly thinking through these questions in an attempt to help his students “make the most of their time in college.” In his book, Light attempts to answer these questions by calling on the voices of real Harvard University students to give insight and advice for future and current university students.
On an endeavor to make college decision-making more simple for current and future students, Light lays out the chapters of his book by focusing each chapter on “certain choices a student must make in college.”

Are you looking for guidance through the tough decisions that the college experience introduces? Light does more than write down his own opinion in Making the Most of College; he instead takes in the experiences of real college students and graduates from the top Ivy League University in the country in order to help the students of today grow themselves as competent collegiate leaders who dare to make the most of their undergraduate years.

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