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Editing a Webpage in WebCMS

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Find the Page

  • Navigate to HTML pageNavigate to the Website Tab
  • Navigate to the folders where your .html file is located
  • Find the .html file you wish to edit
  • Select it by double-clicking or right-mouse click and select Open
  • This will open up the website in CMS



Edit the Page

  • Edit Content in WebCMSEach webpage is broken down into several content blocks
  • Find the content blocks you wish to edit and click on the Edit icon at the top

  • You should see a page that looks like this
  • The default editing is Code View
    • If you would like a more simplistic view change from Code to WYSIWYG mode

Edit Content in Code View


  • The body should change to something that is more easily recognizable

Edit Content in CMS

Editing your content is as simple as typing. Add or remove whatever you wish. Just be sure to save your work!

Saving and Publishing

To save your webpage, click Save

  • Your changes will not be published to the server

To publish your web page, click Save and Publish

  • Your changes will now be viewable