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Mass E-Mail Creation

Technology Tutorials | Mass E-Mail Workorder Creation


  • First check with the Division of Student services to see if your information could be included in the Division of Student Services Weekly E-Mail.
  • Any e-mail sent to an encompassing population (ALL students, ALL Faculty, All Staff, etc) MUST have the approval of a VP before the Workorder is created.
  • Please place the Cherwell Work-order request, including the content, AT LEAST 3 DAYS in advance. Work-orders that are not complete and entered 3 days before target date will not be guaranteed to go out in time.


To begin a request for a mass e-mail (to 250 or more recipients), first please have ready the following materials:

  • A copy of the mailing list, if you have it. If not, request it to be generated in the Work Order.
  • A copy of the text to be included in the e-mail, in a .txt or .doc or .docx file.
  • IF the e-mail is in HTML format, include the .html file.

About mass e-mail text

  • Certain words, characters and capitalizations risk your e-mail as being flagged SPAM. Heavy use of ALL CAPITALS, exclamation points (!!!), and words such as "free" will trip filters into marking e-mail from shsu as SPAM. Avoid heavy use of these.
  • Any links in the e-mail text MUST have the complete address (starting with http://) or it will not link correctly.


About HTML format e-mails

  • The file MUST be in HTML format (a file with the extension .html for example, "october-newsletter.html"). If it was created in Word, Office Button > Save As > Other Formats. Choose "Web Page." (note: DO NOT choose "Single File Web Page" as that is an incorrect format.)
  • All links MUST be absolute. For example, as opposed to Links will not work in a mass e-mail without it.
  • All images MUST be uploaded to webspace already (must already be on the internet). Additionally, when inserting the image into the HTML page, the address MUST be absolute (starting with http://).
  • Image maps will NOT work in a mass e-mail.
  • Attachments can be sent with a mass e-mail at your request.
  • A "text-only" version of the HTML e-mail MUST be included for those who use e-mail clients that do not read HTML. Attach that to the Workorder as well.


Sign in to Cherwell (

Choose "Browse Service Catalog" from the menu on the top.

Scroll to the section that says "Application" and hover over the Category that says "Mass E-mail"

When the box turns green, select "Request New."


On the next screen, enter all the pertinent information for you mass e-mail.

service request


Once you are done, click the "Save" icon at the top of the screen.



Once the ticket is submitted, it will be sent to be approved for mailing and mailing list generation (if requested). Once it is approved and ready to send, you will receive a test e-mail. If it is correct, you will be required to update the ticket giving word for it to be sent as-is, or make any changes.