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Connecting to your personal web page using Dreamweaver

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The following guide will show you how to set up SHSU provided Personal web site in Dreamweaver.



Select New Site from the Site drop down menu

Manage New Site



You will now need to define you site.

Site Definition

Complete all of the necessary fields under the Local Info category tab

  • Site Name: Enter what you would like the web page to be called
  • Local root folder: Define or create the folder that you would like to contain the web site files on your local machine (This is usually S:\_website)



Select the Servers tab


Click the "+" icon at the bottom of the popup

Servers Tab




On the Connect using: dropdown menu select Local/Network

Find your _Website folder in your S:\ drive by selecting the folder icon next to the Server Folder: field

Server Definition


Select OK when complete

Now that you have set up your site definition, you may edit and publish your website from Dreamweaver.