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DOCS02MG - Document Imaging Category Permissions

To open DOCS02MG visit the Miscellaneous section of the SamMenu and expand the GUI programs section then double-click the DOCS02MG Document Imaging Category Permissions program.



Possibly one of the greatest advantages of SamMenu’s Document Category Maintenance program is the ease with which you may add permissions for a user or department to that category.

To access the permissions for a particular Category, simply use the Add Users/ Dept button.Maintenance You will then be presented with the Permissions Maintenance screen.

All users that already have permissions will be listed in the list box at the bottom. You may give individual users or entire departments permissions on your categories.

add Users

Adding Permissions to a User

  1. Type the person’s username into the Username textbox or use the Name Lookup button.
  2. Choose the desired permissions.
  3. Click the Add button.

add permission

Modifying Permissions of a User

  1. Select the user from the listbox in the Permission Maintenance window. (Their permissions and information will be loaded into the fields above.
  2. Choose the checkboxes you wish to change.
  3. Click the Modify button.


 modify permission


Adding Permissions to a Department

This works essentially the same way, just be sure to select the Departments radio button.

adding permission to dept