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Cisco IP Phones: 7970 Touchscreen Overview

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7970 Touchscreen Overview

Touchscreen Features

This is what your main touchscreen might look like with active calls and several feature menus open. Press (or tap) with your fingertip to activate touch-sensitive items on your touchscreen.


1 Primary line  Displays your primary phone number or office extension. If several tabs are open, the time and date appear here also, alternating with the line number. 
2 Line area and call overview  Displays all configured lines or phone numbers assigned to the phone. Also shows an overview of current calls on each line. The active call is highlighted. 
3 Programmable button labels  Displays configuration of each programmable button.
4 Softkey labels  Each displays a softkey function. Activate a softkey by pressing either the softkey label on the touchscreen or (the softkey button). 
5 Status line  Displays current audio mode icon, status information and prompts. 
6 Call activity  Displays your current calls per line, caller ID, call duration, and call state. 
7 Phone tab  Appears when there is call activity. Press this tab to return to the call activity area from another screen. 
8 Feature tabs  Each indicates an open feature menu. Press a tabs to switch between open menus. (To open a menu, press a feature button). 



Choosing Touchscreen Items


To choose a touchscreen item...  Do this... 
By touch  Press (or tap) an item on the touchscreen with your fingertip. Pressing a phone number on the touchscreen can cause the phone to dial the number. 
By item number  Press the corresponding number on your keypad. For example, press 4 to choose the fourth item in a menu. 
By scrolling  Press the Navigation button to highlight an item in a list. Tap the item with your fingertip or press a relevant softkey such as Select or Dial to finish the action.