SHSU Email Setup on Android Devices

***Make Sure Your WiFi is turned on***

Select Samsung Email App (Location will vary based on user. The app is not intuitively labeled. It can for sure be found under Apps but is generically labeled Email.)

Android Home Screen  

Select the Corporate account option to setup (If they see this menu, the user knows they have selected the correct Email app).

 Set up Account

 Add the SHSU email and password (I.E. and select Manual Set Up (DO NOT SELECT SIGN-IN).

Select Manual Setup  

Add SHSU\Username under Account > Domain\username and under Server Settings > Exchange Server. Verify Use secure connection (SSL) is selected and push Next.

Exchange Server Settings  

Choose OK at the Remote security administration prompt.

Remote Security Administration Authorization 

Select the desired options for syncing the SHSU Email account with the device and select Next.

Select Syncing Options  

Select Activate at the Phone Administrator prompt.

Select Activate  

Choose the account name desired for this email (can leave as the default) and then select Done.

 Choose account name

The email account will be set up and it will log in. (User should see emails).

If this process does not work or additional assistance is needed, you may contact the service desk at 936-294-1950.