Add Network Printer (Windows 7)

First, go to the start menu (the Windows orb at the bottom left hand corner) and select Devices and Printers. Once you make it the Devices and Printers page, you will see an option at the top that says Add a printer. Click this.
Add Printer

Select Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer 

Adding a network printer

Look for your printer in the list that comes up. If it is not there select The printer that I want isn't listed. 

Seelect a Pritner

You will now be able to look for your specific printer. Select the second radio button which says Select a shared printer by name.

Type your printer name in to the search box. Your printer name will look like the following: \\wntprint\ucslaser OR \\print\ucslaser.

The actual name of your printer should be on a white sticker on the printer itself. 

Typing a printer name

If done properly, you should see this... 

Connecting to the printer status bar

And if everything goes through, you will see the success page!

Successfully added printer