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Converting an E-mail to PDF

If you want to save a message as a PDF, right-click the message that you wish to convert and select “Convert to PDF”

Note: You can select more than one email to archive at a time. All you do is press control while selecting multiple e-mails.

Note: Make sure that the add-in is enabled in Outlook to archive to PDF.

Convert to PDF

At this point you can choose where you want to save your newly converted PDF and click “Save”

Save PDF

Viewing Your E-mails

Locate where you saved your PDF and open it

You will see all the e-mails tied to this file at the top. Whichever email is selected will be the email that is displayed at the bottom.

In this example there are two emails to choose from.


If there are attachments on the selected e-mail, you will find them by clicking on the paperclip icon.

Attachement to PDF

Appending an Email to an Existing PDF

Suppose you have already created your PDF and now want to add another e-mail to it. You can append the e-mail by following these steps.

Right click on the e-mail that you wish to add and select "Append to Adobe PDF"

Append PDF

You will need to navigate to an existing PDF and click Open

Save An Appended Email

Once you have attached the e-mail, you will be able to view it in the PDF along with the other e-mails saved earlier.

view it in the PDF