Call Forwarding

Great news! All calls can now be forwarded from your office phone to an off-campus phone.phone4

This benefit allows for flexibility and the ability to redirect your incoming calls to another number, such as a cell phone. So long as your office phone can make calls off campus (which may or may not include long-distance calls), you may forward your phone as needed.

To forward calls, follow these directions:

Step 1
From your office phone, press the CFwdALL (Call Forward All) softkey. Your phone will beep twice.

Step 2
Enter a target phone number or office extension. This is the number where you want your incoming calls to ring. For example,

  • dial the 5-digit extension if calling on-campus,
  • dial 8 + number if calling locally, or
  • dial 8 + 1 + area code + number if calling long-distance.

Step 3
After you enter the target number, your phone will beep once. Look for the call forwarding number at the bottom of your phone screen and the flashing arrow at the top of your phone screen.

All incoming calls will route to the target number until you cancel call forwarding. To cancel call forwarding, simply press the CFwdALL softkey again.