Tech Tip

If you are a WebCMS editor, you recently received an email about the importance of website accessibility.

The Americans with Disabilities Act, also know as ADA, prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities and ensures those with disabilities are afforded the same opportunities as anyone else to take part in a normal life.

One requirement of the ADA requires that all website images have what is called alternative text for text readers to indicate what the image is.

If you manage or edit an SHSU webpage in the WebCMS, please review the images on your webpage(s) to ensure there is alternative text for each image.

To do this, you must first be in the edit mode.InsertEditImage

  • Select image, and click on the Insert/Edit button Picture-Icon on the toolbar.
  • Enter a description of the image in the Insert/Edit image dialogue box.

Security-ThumbprintFor example, the image description for the IT@Sam Security Icon would be “Security Thumb Print.”

For additional information on ADA and website accessibility requirements, visit the ADA website and review the SHSU Website Accessibility Guide.