Tech Tip

Online Courses for Microsoft Visio and Project

Several online courses are now available for Microsoft Viso and Project through Talent Management.

Courses for Visio include:


  • Getting Starting with Visio 2016
  • Designing and Enhancing Diagrams in Visio 2016
  • Creating and Managing Diagrams in Visio 2016
  • Collaborating, Evaluating, and Saving Diagrams in Visio 2016

Courses for Project include:


  • Getting Started with Project 2016
  • Managing Resources and Views in Project 2016
  • Tracking, Managing, and Sharing Projects in Project 2016
  • Working with Tasks, Relationships, Constraints and Milestones in Project 2016

To find any of these courses, visit Talent Management and type "Visio 2016" or "Project 2016" in the search bar.