Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a Faculty Member and only have a Desktop do I qualify for another device?

Yes, you would qualify for either a laptop or an iPad.

If I have a laptop do I qualify for an iPad?

No, the intent of the program is to provide faculty with both a desktop and a mobile device. The laptop in this case would be considered the mobile device.

If you are a staff member then you do not qualify to have a laptop or an iPad. If you had one of these prior to the start of our program you will keep the device until it is returned to IT. If a new model is requested then your department would have to pay for the request.

What options do we have available to us?

Faculty can select between either a Mac or a PC desktop and a mobile device.

Staff will be able to obtain a PC only, unless their department is primarily Mac. Some staff may qualify for a laptop instead of a desktop based upon their job requirements.

What if I have multiple devices already?

We will need to work with you to identify the utilization of each device so that we can inform you which one we will replace and when. The other items will be identified as General Use or Specialty where either a recycled computer might be provided or the department would have to purchase

What if I want upgrades from the specs that IT has selected?

We will work with you on getting the configuration that you are requesting and provide a Payment Authorization Form for the amount that your department will have to pay. Please note that any changes to the standard configuration could cause a substantial delay in receiving the equipment.

What if I want to get a larger iPad or one with 3G?

If you qualify for an iPad, IT@Sam will provide a Black 16GB Wi-Fi version only. If a larger iPad or one with 3G is requested the department will be responsible for the full price

What if I want to get the new iPad Mini?

If you want an iPad mini and you qualified for an iPad then we will provide a Black 16GB iPad Mini Wi-Fi. Any upgrades would be purchased by the department.

Can I Trade in my iPad for a new model?

Unfortunately we are not replacing iPads unless there is a required program that will not operate on the device.

What happens if my iPad breaks?

You will need to place a work order to initiate the repair process with Apple. Your department will be responsible for paying for the repair. Your department has the ability to (at their discretion) place the cost of the repair on you.

What is the RA-22 Form that we have to sign for mobile devices?

The RA-22 is the "Request to Remove Equipment from Campus" Docuemnt and it is required for those recieving laptops/iPads and other portable computer devices. The RA-22 form states that you can be held responsible for any lost items from the list as well as damages to the items.

Can I send a student to pick up my mobile device?

A student cannot be sent to pick up mobile devices for you as the RA-22 will have to be signed by you.

How does someone qualify for a Level 2 Device?

In order to qualify for a level 2 we would need to know the list of software that will be ran on the computer. We feel that some software requires a better processor and more memory in order to operate at its full potential. Once we have the list we will evaluate it for potential qualification for a level 2.

What if I didn’t qualify can I still get a level 2?

Yes However the department will be required to pay for a portion of the system.

What comes with a standard desktop computer?

The standard computer will come with a new monitor, keyboard, mouse, and a sound bar. The current monitor size that we provide will be a 23” monitor.

What if I want a larger Monitor?

If you want a monitor larger than our recommended 23” size then the department will be required to pay for the full cost of the monitor.

What if I want a second Monitor?

Depending on the overall use of the additional monitor, IT may provide it at no cost to the department. Otherwise the department may have to purchase the additional monitor.

If IT did provide me a second monitor what will I get?

If IT does provide a second monitor the monitor may not match the 1st monitor that was provided with the machine. It will be at least a 19” depending on our Inventory stock.

What if I want my monitors to match?

If you have multiple monitors and you want them to match then the department would have to purchase matching monitor, either by purchasing an additional monitor or monitors, depending on the models that you have.

What if I work for an Auxiliary department?

If you work for an Auxiliary department then the department will have to fund the computer as HEAF funds are not to be used on Auxiliary departments.

How would we know if we are Auxiliary or not?

The following departments are Auxiliary:

  • Athletics
  • English Language Institute (ELI)
  • Summer Camps
  • Continuing Education
  • Residence Life
  • Dining
  • Vending
  • SH Press
  • Raven Nest
  • Museum Store
  • University Hotel
  • CMIT

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