Computer Request Guidelines

IT@Sam provides the most up-to-date technology possible for faculty and staff. IT@Sam evaluates new technology options (tablets, ultrabooks, etc.) as released. This evaluation can take time, and as such new models will not be available immediately upon release from the vendor. The following guidelines will help when looking to request additional technology equipment.

Faculty Request

  1. Faculty receive a desktop (PC or Mac) for their office.
  2. Faculty can request (1) mobile device out of the following options:
    1. 16GB iPad (current version in stock)
    2. Laptop (PC or Mac)

Staff Request

  1. Staff receive a desktop (PC) in their office. They may be eligible to receive a Mac instead if their department is Mac oriented.
  2. Staff do not qualify for a mobile device unless their job requires them to be mobile as part of their job duties.

Executive Faculty/Staff Request

  1. Executive Faculty/Staff receive a desktop and can request up to two (2) mobile devices (laptop and iPad). 

Any of these devices can be requested in our Cherwell Self-Service Portal that you may not already have, but qualify for. IT@ Sam will work to accommodate every request possible and ensure that every device is equipped with the standardized specifications. If another configuration option is required, it can be requested by placing a work order in our Cherwell Self-Service Portal. This may require funds from your department and may increase the time it takes to receive the device.

You may request additional computers beyond those provided to you by the University. To do so, you must provide a business justification and receive approval from the appropriate VP by submitting an exception request and placing a work order in our Cherwell Self-Service Portal.