Why the change?

The current IT@Sam Work Order System has some shortcomings in navigation and general work routing. This leads to work orders that have the potential to end up in the wrong place and action is not taken on them in a timely manner. Cherwell will alleviate those problems as well as provide additional benefits for you.

Where will the new work order system be located?

On July 8th, you will be able to get to Cherwell by logging into MySam, clicking on Campus Resources and then clicking the link that says “Cherwell.

What will happen to my work orders in the current Work Order System?

On July 8th, no new work orders will be able to be placed in the current IT@Sam Work Order System. Any Work Orders that are already open and in progress, will remain in the current system and will be completed as normal. Work Orders that will take more than 6 months to complete, will be transferred to the new Cherwell system by IT@Sam staff.

What are Incidents and Service Requests?

An Incident (or Service Request) is what you would now call a work order. An Incident is the type of request that is placed when something is not working as it should. A Service Request is the type of request placed when additional service is needed.

Will this replace FAMIS?

No. FAMIS will still be the work order system for Facilities. However, if there is an issue with the FAMIS software, that issue would be placed in Cherwell.

Will there be delegate access?

No. Delegates will not be able to report incidents or requests in someone else's name. You can, however, provide their name, phone number, username etc. in the description. The incident or request will remain in your name.

Is there a way clients can run reports or view work orders placed by their department?

Yes. From the Cherwell Home page, go to Reports and select one of the options.

Can I edit an incident or request after it has been placed?

Yes. As long as the incident or request is not "In Progress".  If it is in the "In Progress" stage, you will need to use the "Add Comment to Journal" located at the top of the screen while viewing your Incident/Request in the Cherwell Portal.  The technician will be notified by e-mail of your journal entry.

Can I search the Service Catalog?

Yes.  From the Cherwell home page, select List View of Service Catalog.  Once the list populates, use the CTRL+F key combination and enter the information you would like to search.

What option do I choose to obtain approval to purchase software on a P-Card?

You would select Software > Licensing > Request Individual Software Purchase. 

How do I provide an update to an incident/request?

There are two methods that you can use to submit updates.  The first method you can use is by replying to the e-mail you receive indicating that your incident/request was placed.  The second method is using the "Add Comment to Journal" feature located at the top of the screen while viewing your Incident/Request in the Cherwell Portal.

Can someone else update an incident/request on my behalf?

Yes.  You can forward the automated e-mail that you receive from the Cherwell system to your colleague.  They can then send their reply to Cherwell@shsu.edu without removing the tag that looks like {CMI:GTCU011207} from the body of the e-mail.  The Cherwell System will then automatically be updated with the new information.  You can also contact the Service Desk at x4-1950 with the Incident number and request that your Incident/Request be updated by a Service Desk representative. 

Is there a list of the most common type of requests/incidents?

Yes.  Here is a short list:

Cognos Report (New Report): ERP Software > Request New Report > then select appropriate option

Computer Move: Desktops & Accessories > Move On-Campus > Desktop

Computer Upgrade: Desktops & Accessories > Replace > Current Desktop

Mass E-mail: E-mail/Calendaring > Mass E-mail > Request New Mass E-mail

Laptop (Request New): Laptops & Tablets > Request > New Laptop

Printer (Install New):  Printing & Scanning > Request New > then select appropriate option

T drive access (Modify): File Storage > Common Drive (T:) > Request Access

Shared Mailbox (Request New): E-mail/Calendaring > Shared Mailboxes > Request New Shared Mailbox

Visitor Account: Account & Passwords > Visitor Account > Checkout Temporary Visitor Account(s)

Looking for more information about Cherwell? Feel free to submit your questions or concerns here.

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