Cherwell is the IT@Sam work order system. This system provides a portal for you to enter in your needs into a central location for processing by the appropriate IT team.


Service Catalog: There will be no more questions that you will need to navigate and hope that your work order is getting to the right place. Instead you will be presented with a comprehensive list of IT@Sam services to choose from when placing your request. With one click of your mouse you'll be at the appropriate screen to enter your request.

Knowledge Base: In addition to the Technology Tutorials that we currently provide, Cherwell will have an integrated Knowledge Base that contains information on how to fix common error messages and general "how-to" instructions for software and hardware. This will allow you to quickly research an issue and enable a quick resolution. We are starting out with over 50,000 knowledge articles and will be adding more. We hope to get to a scenario where we fix a problem once and then capture and share this information via the knowledge base, so others won’t have to duplicate the effort and re-invent the wheel.

Problem Management: Once IT@Sam becomes aware of a university-wide problem, you will also be made aware of it with the Problem Management module of Cherwell. This will allow us to write up information regarding the issue, along with any workarounds, and publish that information for everyone's benefit by way of the Cherwell Portal.

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