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Setting Up the Connection

To access remote desktop, search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" in your Spotlight Search by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner. If you do not have the remote desktop client, please contact the Service Desk.

Note: For personal computers, you can go to the App Store to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop.


Remote Destop Icon


When you open up your remote desktop client for the first time, you will see a screen that looks like this:

Click New -- This will begin the creation of your remote profile.

Remote desktop - Click New


You will need to set up your remote desktop connection.

  • Connection Name - You can name this connection whatever you want. As long as you can recognize it in the future, anything will do
  • PC Name -
  • Gateway - Select "No Gateway Configured"
  • Username - shsu\"username"
  • Password - enter your SHSU password
  • Resolution - Select "Native"
  • Colors - Select "Highest Quality (32 bit)"

Remote desktop - You will need to set up your remote desktop connection.

Accessing Local Printer From Remote

On the session tab, check the box that says "Forward printing devices"

This will allow you to use your home printer while on your remote session.

Accessing Local Printer From Remote

Accessing Local Drives From Remote

On the Redirection tab, check the "Enable Folder Redirection" and click the "+" sign at the bottom of the screen.

Select the search arrow on the "Path" section and select "Browse"

You will then be able to navigate to a folder where you will be able to save documents from your network drives to your local machine.

Accessing Local Drives From Remote


Connecting to

Once you have configured your connection, you can exit out of the settings and this will take you to the home screen. Instead of a blank screen, you will see that the new profile has been set up.


Select the remote profile and click Start

click Start


You will see a screen like this. Click OK and you will be logged in.

When you are finished with your remote session, be sure to log out of your profile.

Click OK and you will be logged in