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Connecting to Your Personal SHSU Website


When you first open Contribute you will see a home screen that looks like this:

Home Page


At the top is an address bar that acts just like the address bar of your favorite browser. Type the URL to your SHSU personal website and press "Enter".

Your SHSU personal website follows this format:

Once you are to your website, click the “Create Connection” button.



On the first screen, click “Next”

Connection Wizard


The URL you entered on the homepage will automatically be populated on this page. Click “Next”.

Connection Wizard


On the dropdown menu, select Local/Network.

For the network path, navigate to the folder on your S: Drive called “_website”.

Connection Wizard3


You do not need to fill in any information on this page. Click “Next”.

Connection Wizard


Enter your information and click "Next".

Connection Wizard


Click "Done".

Connection Wizard